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Local Update: July 2022

Ocean City Harbor & Inlet Project:

Worcester County, Maryland, Proposed Navigation Improvements Draft Finding of No Significant Impacts and Environmental Assessment

To read more about this project and watch the hearing from last year click here:

Route 90 Expansion Project

This project is still in the planning phase. You can subscribe to get information and read more about the possible project here:

Assateague National Seashore South Ocean Beach Parking Area and Over-Sand Vehicle Entrance Road Reconfiguration

This project is in the very early stages as well. The project would make the South Ocean Beach recreation area more resilient to natural coastal processes and future storm events, improve safety, and protect and enhance the visitor experience and park resources through visitor use management strategies.

Read more here:

Other news:


ACT and Chesapeake Legal Alliance are preparing last years’ case to be heard again.

The courtroom odyssey began with the Montgomery County Circuit Judge Sharon V. Burrell’s March 2021 decision to send the permit challenge back to the MDE to address ammonia emissions. However, now we're waiting to see how

the MD high court will weigh MDE regulation of ammonia to protect the bay.

Read more here:

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