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Monitor My Watershed. Live Data From The Pocomoke River

If you haven’t already heard, this Fall ACT partnered with Stroud Water Research Center to get water quality data stations installed at four locations along the Pocomoke River. The stations collect several water quality parameters in real-time and report this data every 10 minutes to These data are being used as part of a sediment transport study being led by Stroud Water Research Center to better understand sediment connectivity within estuary systems. ACT’s Billy Weiland explained “What’s great about these stations is that they are continuously collecting real-time data. By having data at this kind of temporal scale, we’re able to better visualize what is happening within the waterway, as opposed to data that may otherwise be collected once a week.”

The study is also being conducted on the Choptank River, with Shore Rivers and Stroud working collaboratively. If you would like to learn more about the project or become involved, please email Billy Weiland at

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