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Nitrates Initiative

We are seeking volunteers who live in Somerset, Wicomico, or Worcester County and have a private well to test their water for nitrate. By participating in the Lower Shore Safe Well Water Initiative, you are helping researchers understand the extent of nitrate contamination on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore. Volunteers will also help advocates alert your community and local officials to potential contamination that should be addressed.

How do I participate? If you're interested in participating, click HERE.

The University of Maryland will provide all testing materials to volunteers. Volunteers will measure concentrations of nitrates and nitrites (another form of nitrogen) in their water using rapid test strips that provide an accurate and reliable result in less than one minute. All volunteers will receive training via an instructional video to ensure they are comfortable with the testing materials. The data that you collect will be sent to the University of Maryland online or by mail for analysis. Expert faculty at the UMD School of Public Health and researchers at ACT, CPR, and EIP, will answer any questions you may have and provide you with feedback on the levels of nitrate in the water you tested. As a volunteer, you will be kept informed about the results of this initiative and be alerted to future opportunities to improve your water resources. Volunteers will receive all testing materials and associated training at no cost.

If you're interested in participating, please fill out this short survey.

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